Park Advisory Board Meeting

April 11, 2019 6:00 pm


Present: Board members- Tobin Hesser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner. Mayor Dan Reddish; Ed Brunsvold

  1. Approved January 28, 2019 minutes

  2. Big Park update

    1. Mapping- looked at GIS map of georeferenced drone shot w/trail, and sketch of tennis courts, new baseball diamond, soccer, and playground area. We will create a map by the next meeting to share w/the town council.

    2. Baseball update. Jim submitted a request to Anaconda Job Corps for dirt moving work in case we could get that done in 2019. Tobin and Jim will continue to working on design and plans. Likely no excess dirt because of cut/fill.

    3. Play equipment update. Discussed whether we should apply for a ‘Kaboom’ grant that will provide $15,000 and requires a $9000 match. Estimate we need $15,000 additional in grants and community funding for a phase 1 (ie $6000 beyond $9000 match). Town could provide labor for equipment removal.

    4. Park utilities- Dan will look for a map of utilities to overlay on the map. Need to figure out irrigation lines at the park.

    5. Gophers- need to find a solution for gophers.

    6. Next meeting: discuss map and vision for the park. Discussed need for a spreadsheet with priorities.

  3. Winninghoff Park

    1. Planning for landscaping at Winninghoff. Need to address drainage issues, parking lot. Summer concert is August 17th, 2019.

  4. Arbor Day- $2000 remaining for trees. Arbor Day is April 26. 2nd planting event scheduled for April 26 4-6 pm at Big Park

  5. Budget- Reed discussed Parks budget. Includes salaries, utilities, maintenance and repair, equipment. Budget w/o RTP grant trail ~$30,000/year. Discussion of how to manage specific funds that come in from grants for projects e.g. baseball and parks.

  6. Community cleanup- May 16th 4-6 pm trash clean up. Start and end at Winninghoff, move to Brewery.

  7. Public comment- No public comment

  8. Next meeting:  Tentative May 16, 6 pm location TBD (possibly meet at park) [meeting postponed to June 3]

  9. Adjourn  7:30 pm

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