Park Advisory Board Meeting

April 13, 2017


PRESENT:      Councilman Daniel Reddish, Councilman Jim Adie, Mayor Brett Hamilton, Public Works Director John Vukonich, Town Clerk Reed Speegle. Board members Meghan Flanary, Annalee Mason, Brett Hackman, Jim Jenner, Ed Lord, Tobin Heser.


1.         Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.


2.         Introduction of Board members.


3.         The issue of setting up a formal structure and electing officers was set aside.


4.         Discussion ensued based on an outline Councilman Reddish presented dividing an approach to oversight by the Board that would be based on a dual approach. One would be a hands-on management and recommendation for the physical plant of the parks. The other would consist of administrative and funding portion of the parks. Discussion about Big Park occurred. It was decided a visit to Big Park would be in order, and that visit occurred on April 22nd.


5.         Ed Brunsvold gave an update on the planned trail project for the state land adjacent to Big Park.


6.         A short discussion occurred concerning the nature of Shakey's Park. Part of the conversation revolved around the general use, the water running through the park, and the possibility of fencing along the frontage road.


7.         Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

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