April 7th, 2020

7:00 P.M. Philipsburg Town Hall


Council in Attendance:  Mayor Daniel Reddish, John Johnson (via phone), Derek Kuhl (via phone), DuWayne Ulrich, Nicole Nelch (via phone), Scott Lyons, and Carl Sundstrom (via phone). Others in attendance:  Town Clerk Reed Speegle, Director of Public Works Sam Dennis, Town Attorney Robert Medof, Steve Immenschuh, and Anita Immenschuh.




No report.

Library Board

Report submitted.  Councilman Sundstrom made a request to have budget items reconciled.  Councilwoman Nelch asked that these be presented to the Council before the Library.

Chamber of Commerce

No report.

Parks Board

Mayor Reddish told the Council that their next meeting had been postponed and that Jim Lardy had started.

Fire Department

No report.

Grant Writer

No report.

Director of Public Works

Report submitted.  Sam Dennis reported that he had begun work on the lagoon discharge permit renewal and had also gotten approval from the State on new street signs on Broadway and Sansome.

Town Attorney

Robert Medof informed the Council that he had received a memo concerning the CDBG ED Revolving Loan Fund.  It stated that the Council had discretion to pass an income plan.  Councilman Kuhl suggested a committee meeting to discuss how the funds could be appropriated.  Robert Medof said that the funds could be used to give loans to small businesses in town. 

Town Clerk

Reed Speegle followed up on the ED Revolving Loan discussion to just say that it could be worked in to the upcoming budget process. 


Minutes of Prior Meetings

Councilman Ulrich made the motion to approve the minutes from 3/17/20 with a few edits from Councilman Sundstrom, Councilman Lyons seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

Payroll and Bills Payable

Councilman Ulrich made the motion to approve the payroll and bills payable, Councilman Lyons seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

Water and Sewer Adjustments

Councilman Ulrich made the motion to approve the water and sewer adjustments, Councilman Lyons seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.
Project Request Payments

No payments.


Reed Speegle gave a brief update on the financials.  Councilwoman Nelch said she was drafting the budget memos set to go out the following weeks.  Mayor Reddish noted that Union negotiations would need to take place in the near future.  Councilman Ulrich made the motion to approve the financials, Councilman Kuhl seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.


Sewer Lagoon Update

Mayor Reddish said that in conversation with the State regulators there were mixed opinions.  Sam Dennis said that the regulators had some doubts as to whether the Town should do the project in-house.  There were discussions pertaining directly to the mil of the plastic liner as well as whether or not drying bags would be required.  Todd Kuxhaus was talking with State and using Fort Benton as an example.  The discussion continued.  Mayor Reddish said there would be another call the following Tuesday.

Finn Addition Update

Mayor Reddish said the meetings with the regulators focused on sludge removal and not on the Finn Addition. Robert Medof said Rachel Clark of the DEQ questioned the legality of what was being proposed by the developers. 

CIP Grant

Mayor Reddish reported that the task order was signed and that he would check in with Maureen Connor to figure out how to proceed.

Friends of Philipsburg Trust

Reed Speegle explained some documentation he presented to the Council.  He stated that there was approximately $21,000 in funds that could be spent.  There was a brief discussion on how the money could be used. 



Online Bill Pay

Reed Speegle gave some background on the topic and said he was in favor of using Stripe if it could integrate easily with the Town website.  Councilman Kuhl gave his perspective on it and was not in favor of using BDS through Black Mountain Software as it would take controls of the entire process of billing.  Councilman Lyons asked about using Venmo.  The conversation continued and then eventually was tabled to a later date.




Councilman Sundstrom asked about video streaming for meeting in the future.  Councilman Kuhl suggested using a company called Bluejeans.  Mayor Reddish said the COVID-19 restrictions were extended by the Governor until April 24th.  He also said the next incident command meeting would be on Wednesday at noon. 

Public Comment on Matters within the Town Council’s Jurisdiction

Steve Immenschuh came to the meeting to discuss the status of water and sewer to his property in Town.  He explained the background and then informed the Town that he was no longer going through any kind of subdivision process.  The Council saw no issue with him proceeding with hooking up to the system and said he should discuss the matter further with Robert Medof.


Councilman Lyons made the motion to adjourn at 8:18, Councilman Sundstrom seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.