Park Advisory Board Meeting

August 19, 2019 6:00 pm


Present: Board members- Brett Hackman, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Ed Lord, Megan Flanary, Tobin Heser. Jim Lardie, Philipsburg Park maintenance staff

  1. Approved June 3, 2019 minutes

  2. Parks general update with Jim Lardie parks staff

    1. Big Park

      1. Pavilion- new roof on, lower portion needs paint. Fence around pavilion area needs maintenance.

      2. Irrigation- short on garden hoses. Trees are doing well except some maples. Didn’t water south portion this summer. Discussion of improving the irrigation system.

      3. Gophers- still working on gopher control

      4. Tennis court- surface cracking. Got new nets with new winches, and new posts. Spring 2019 required plowing of the court and removal of a portion of the fence. Discussion of installing a gate.- pros and cons.

      5. Trail- in good condition except know areas of drainage/erosion issues

      6. Weeds- Jim is periodically spraying. Discussion of becoming a certified applicator.

  3. Big Park update

    1. School use- School District and Town are working on a contractual agreement for maintenance and repairs for tennis courts and track.

    2. Playground equipment- parks board members meeting equipment company representative (Landscape Structures) at the park Tues 8/20 to look at equipment condition and site in anticipation of grant funding applications for equipment upgrades.

    3. Naming and dedication- plans for naming park Zane Murffit Park.

    4. Proposed special meeting for Big Park

  4. Winninghoff Park update

    1. Retaining wall- Planning for replacement of NE corner and north wall. PIA will install it fall 2019.

  5. Parks fees

    1. Jim and Ed attended recent Town Council meetings to present parks board fee recommendations. Council generally adapted parks board recommendations.

  6. Budget- discussion of what the structure should be for managing funds and budget going forward.

  7. Public comment- No public comment

  8. Next meeting:  September 16, 2019 6 pm Town Hall

  9. Adjourn  7:20 pm

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