Park Advisory Board Meeting

August 28, 2017 6:30 pm


Present: Public works director John Vukonich; board members Ed Lord, Tobin Heser, Levia Shoutis; Public: Ed Brunsvold, Bill Dirks

  1. Ed Brunsvold gave an update on the status of the route of the proposed trail at the Big Park. One of the neighbors adjacent to the track has concerns about the proximity of the section of the trail below the track, near the community gardens (concerns of noise, trash, and dogs). Board discussed pros and cons of different routes for this section of trail. The board and Ed were leaning toward not building the section of trail below the track, and instead using the existing track for this section of trail. The board agreed that the school should provide input on using the track as part of the trail, and that the trail could be built as originally routed at a later date if desired.

Action item: Tobin will ask Megan Flannery to talk to the school (Mike Kutler) about concerns regarding using the track as a section of the trail.


  1. Reviewed the priorities list to see if anything could be checked off the list. Board agreed that all of the ideas generated in the past few months should be collated into a single list, to be discussed at the 9/25/17 meeting.

Action item: Levia will put the list into a working spreadsheet, to be sent to board members for review.


  1. Discussed getting the parks budget from the City once it was set, to provide context for parks priorities.

Action item: Tobin will talk to council members to get a budget.


  1. Discussed whether the board wanted to formalize roles for the group. No one was able to volunteer for formal roles at this time (i.e. chair, secretary).


  1. Next meeting: Monday September 25 6:30 pm (every 4th Mon).

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