Town of Philipsburg

Working Meeting

2-20-18   7 pm


In attendance:


Mayor Daniel Reddish

Council Persons: Duwayne Ulrich, Nicole Nelch, Carl Sundstrom, John Johnson

Deputy Clerk: Sherry Cotton

Public Works Director: John Vukonich


Citizens in attendance: Chris Cooney


Mayor Daniel Reddish called the meeting to begin.


Prior Meeting Minutes were reviewed.

Carl Sundstrom made a motion to approve. Duwayne Ulrich 2nd the motion, all agreed.


Bills Payable

Bills were reviewed. Nicole Nelch motioned to approve. Duwayne Ulrich 2nd the motion. All agreed


Gas Tax resolution

Mayor Daniel Reddish – We thought the gas tax was about $8300.00, but it’s closer to 10,000.00. Mayor Reddish turned the floor over to Robert Medof

Robert Medof – Changed some of the wording on the resolution and asked the council to review the wording. The new resolution will leave it open ended allowing us to use in other areas, then what may be only specified. Robert stated that the law requires the Town to pass a resolution as to how the gas tax will be used.

Mayor Daniel Reddish – The town must also match $1.00 to every $20.00 requested.

Robert Medof – Once its passed, the Town will need to write a letter to Montana Dept of Transportation. A new resolution would be passed each year.


John Johnson – motioned to approve the resolution

Duwayne Ulrich – 2nd the motion


Topics of Discussion


Chris Cooney – Belmont Street

Requesting the abandonment of a portion of land on Belmont Street, between block 2 & 3, of the Schnepel Addition. The first request for abandonment was made on 3-21-2017. The council, at that time, approved the abandonment, but Chris Cooney declined due to the price. After the Zimmerman property was granted abandonment by the new council Chris Cooney made the request again. He would be willing to pay comparable values, $1.00 for $1.00 per square foot, as the Zimmerman’s were granted.

He further express he had no intension of building on the property.

Mayor Reddish expressed he would like to know all the costs.

Robert Medof – There would be 1-2 hours drafting time, cost of notice, attorney fees 2-3 hours.

Councilman John Johnson offered a price of $250.00.

Chris Cooney countered with $200.00.

Nicole Nelch – A value assessment should be done 1st.

Mayor Daniel Reddish – There hasn’t been a value done on the land

Chris Cooney – stated he won’t pay more than what the Zimmermans had to pay to get a larger piece of land abandoned. He won’t pay more than a 3rd of what they had to pay.

Nicole Nelch – motioned that the council each do their homework and review the abandonment at the next meeting on the March 6, 2018.

John Johnson – Second the motion.


Town Park Trail


Should start May 1st, 2018.

DNRC was paid for a land use license. The Trail Association paid ½ of this fee, in the amount of $254.00, Town of Philipsburg paid $254.00. A bid of $19,000.00 was received along with others. The $19,000.00 was the best bid. It is expected to begin about May 1, 2018.


Intercap /CIP Update

The Town of Philipsburg received an Intercap loan. The draw down process of 10% will start soon, then the Town will be contacted by a bonding agency. There was an original amount borrowed, we returned some of that because we didn’t use it all. Bond Council standard rate is about $5,000.00. The town will be using Bob Murdo.

The Town was pressured to address this. Mayor Daniel Reddish has been in touch with the DEQ. They took the Towns proposals and the DEQ built an OOC. Daniel will give this to the Town Attorney to go over and there’s a list of stipulations in this OOC that relate specifically to tasks we are going to do.

Mayor Reddish - For example: The Lagoon Optimization & Sludge measurement will be completed by September 30, 2018. The ammonia mixing study will be completed by DEQ no later than November 30, 2018. All of the information in the body of the OOC will have to be addressed by the engineers and the council so we can develop a plan and proceed on this.

CIP Update – The engineers, Sanderson Stewart, and Tracy, the Towns Grant Writer, will be coming to Philipsburg on March 6th. They will be attending the Town’s working meeting on March 6th, 2018.

The Town was put on notice on 2008, given an extension in 2012, and then the Town finally hit deadline, with a 3rd extension, in 2016.

Mayor Reddish – We have to address the CIP.


Town Purchasing Policy

Nicole Nelch – Would this mean there would need to be a petty cash

Mayor Reddish – We are talking about large purchases that will need approval before bought.

John Johnson – There should be a policy for Capital purchases.

Karl Sundstrom – Agreed

Mayor Reddish – Policy will cover unexpected large amounts for spending by the crew and John Vukonich, Public Works Director. This is only a working meeting, we can put on an agenda for next meeting.


Water & Sewer Main Policy

Mayor Reddish – I believe everyone was in attendance for this meeting. We will begin to work on a policy booklet starting tomorrow.

Nicole Nelch – agreed. She will be there.







Mayors Job Description

Mayor Reddish – Asked if everyone has looked at this

Mayor Reddish – Suggested a couple additions be added.

                                 Add that applicants be 21 years of age

                                 Must have 2 years as a town resident

                                 Must have 3 years state residency

                                 Mayor will receive a salary

                                 Have at least a High School Diploma

Karl Sundstrom and John Johnson – Both agreed there should be an evaluation done of the Mayor.

Duwayne  Ulrich - There should be a committee that does the evaluation.

Karl Sundstrom will make changes to the job description.

Robert Medof – An Evaluation would be beneficial regarding if a Mayor should be given a raise.


PERS Determination Meeting

Mayor Reddish – I will turn over to our attorney to discuss the situation with PERS.

Robert Medof – We had fines of about $72,000.00 that occurred due to the Clerk being late in filing.

PERS decided to reduce to $11,790.00. The Town asked it e lowered more, but they said all towns should be treated equally and the fine of $11,790.00 stands. The town could go to District Court, but Robert Medof felt this wouldn’t be worth the costs.

The PERS Council may allow payment plan.


Duwayne Ulrich motion to adjourn.

John Johnson second the motion

All agreed

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