Philipsburg Town Council Working Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2018, Tuesday

7 P.M. Philipsburg Town Hall



Council: Carl Sundstrom, Duwayne Ulrich, John Johnson, Julian Ricci

Mayor: Daniel Reddish

Public Works Director: John Vukonich

Deputy Clerk: Sherry Cotton

Public: Ed Brunvold, Chris Cooney, Romney


Mayor Daniel Reddish called meeting to order.


Minutes of Prior Meetings

Were not available

Bills Payables

Mayor Reddish motion to approve bills, Councilman John Johnson second. It was approved by all.

Winninghoff Park Stage

Mayor Reddish expressed that Rotary would need to approach the Town Council before doing anything. He felt the Council should review the blueprints. Mayor Reddish will start going to the Rotary meeting, so he knows what’s going on regarding the stage.

When the stage is built they will need professional bonded people to build the stage.

Town park Trail

Ed Brunwold spoke regarding the trail. There is about 72,000 in grant, but it may be split into 2 grants. They have received 35,000 so far. The fire camp halted the progress due to fires, but as soon the weather allows, they will continue. The Natural History Museum gave Ed some ideas as to what to put on the trail.

They plan to submit phase 2 for a grant by the end of the month.

A formal bid for construction should be done. Ed said he has 3 bids and will take to Parks Board on Monday January 22nd.

Phase one – The path will be made of a fine sand making it easier for strollers.

Intercap/CIP – Update

Mayor Reddish said the DEQ said in addition to testing, we are restricted to flow testing because of the Ammonia. Leak Study should be done in March, not before due to weather. Town will be prepping for all that needs to be done. Mayor Reddish said, Tracy said we can still go after grant dollars for Fred Burr Line.

Carl – We need to get Fred Burr repaired.

Mayor Reddish – He will check with council to give ok to move ahead.

John Vukonich – Renewable water resource might be possibility.

Town Purchasing Policy

Mayor Reddish said a discussion about how much the town crew or any people town employee be allowed to spend. What will the ceiling be?

John Vukonich – Treasurer should be in charge of approving spending.

Mayor Reddish – Is looking for limits to develop a policy. It should be over $500.00.

John Johnson - $500.00 approval should come from Mayor, over $2500.00 Council should approve.

Mayor Reddish – What brought this all up was the purchase of $500.00 in Christmas lights.  We don’t need a resolution, just a policy. We will table this to the next meeting when Reed and Nicole are here.

Mayor Reddish will talk to Charity at Woodland to discuss spending and purchases and the crew receiving receipts.

Carl Sundstrom will start writing policy of spending.

Mayor Compensation

Mayor Reddish – All agree the Mayors position should be a paid one.

It was asked if the Town can afford to pay the Mayor. Who would do performance evaluation. Who would the Mayor Answer to? The Mayor should be under a 6-month probation.

Mayor Reddish – We should build a job description

Carl Sundstrom – The Personal Committee should take care of this. It should be a salary job, not full time or part time.

Chris Cooney – The position of the Mayor should be a paid position.

This matter will be referred to the Personal Committee.

Sewer and Water Main Policy

  • Right now, we only have 1 Utility Application.

Mayor Reddish – Feels once a camera goes down the customers line to make sure it’s good, they can hook up to water and sewer. Its also important to use the word evaluation. Mayor Reddish feels people that come should be referred to the mayor. He will in return refer people to the Public Works Director. These things need to be discussed and put into a policy.

Fees for NSF Checks

May need to be $25.00, will be discussed and a policy written.

Duwayne Ulrich motioned to end the meeting

Julian Ricci Seconded

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