Park Advisory Board Meeting

January 22, 2018 6:30 pm


Present: Board members- Tobin Hesser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Ed Lord, Megan Flannary. City: Dan Reddish. Public: Ed Brunsvold, Flint Creek Trails Assoc.

  1. Approved November 27, 2017 minutes

  2. Approved October 23, 2017 minutes (not approved at last meeting)

  3. Sledding hill at Winninghof- Ron and Tobin plowed a berm at the bottom of the hill to keep kids from sledding into the road. It’s very fast but seems to be working to keep kids out of the road.

  4. RTP grant trails update, Ed Brunsvold. Phase 1 (within City Park, 0.5 mi) and Phase 2 (in DNRC non-leased land, to west of park, ~1 mi).

Phase 1: budget: $35,000 from MFWP RTP; $7,467 in match

  1. Bids:

    1. $27,545: H&H Contractors, Butte, hauling and delivering, building trail w/paving machine;

    2. $28,749: Hollow Contracting, Butte; gravel, haul, placement, finishing.

    3.  $23,796: Combination of: 1) Landtech, Bozeman- construction only; 2) S&N, Anaconda (gravel only, no hauling); 3) Barkell Trucking, Philipsburg, hauling

  2. Remaining funds will be used for two kiosks. Material- Est. 450 yards of material. Removed material: Could we put topsoil near the play area to grow better grass?

  3. Jim moved to advise Ed B. to move forward with #4.a.iii above (Landtech et al). Tobin 2nd. Discussion. Motion passed.

  4. Ed will be submitting Phase 2 to MFWP in the next few days.

  1. Board structure:

    1. Formalize roles: Jim J.- chair; vice chair- Tobin; Levia- secretary.

    2. Meeting frequency: quarterly, March, June, Sept, Nov.

    3. Budget: Dan said the parks would have a budget for FY2019 (starting July 2018).

    4. Staff: need to meet with John Vukonich to prioritize maintenance and project tasks for public works staff.

    5. Posting of times/places- need to post in three places.

    6. Communication with City Commission: Dan would like a “standard report” after each meeting. This can be the meeting minutes, with additional documents/text as needed.

    7. Bylaws- the board will develop these if desired.

  2. DNRC Lease: Dan will work with City attorney Robert Medoff on the DNRC Lease agreement more (dated 7/9/73), regarding what the City can and cannot be compensated for on the leased land.

  3. Winninghof Park stage update- Ed Lord: Rotary would like an enclosed stage for weather and storage, Dan agreed that the town would like an enclosed structure. By the March parks board meeting Rotary should have a plan and budget for the stage. Discussion of whether infringing on Stockton St. is possible, from an access point (i.e. fire); could a gate be installed? Tobin: for PIA’s grant, they will require an additional 5 ft width to make it an official NHL-sized hockey rink (north or south).

  4. PIA Grant update: PIA received a grant from MT Dept. of Commerce, ~$104,000 matching grant for refrigeration mats and proper boards. They will need to extend the rink width from the current 80 ft, to 85 ft (NHL regulation size).

  5. Parks grants- Dan thought that there were planning grants that the City grant writer could point the parks board to, for master planning, that we would have a chance at getting. He will mention it to her (grant writer) and get back to the board.

  6. Next meeting: Monday March 26, 6:30 pm. Adjourn 8:30 pm

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