Summary Report                             Park Advisory Board Meeting                                                1/28/19    



  1. Baseball Diamond was discussed. Moving forward on options for planning and fund raising. Possibility of reaching out to Job Core for help. Current active Little League coach Mr. Zell was in attendance. Very motivated to reach out other coaches, teams and officials in the region.

  2. Wrap up of Hockey Tournament. Great success 16 teams competed. Next year plans for 24 teams and three different divisions.

  3. General discussion about future of Winninghoff Park. Plans to build fence around chiller. Small additions to stage. Rotary has interest in starting to plan for additional landscaping. Need to check light sensors in warming hut.

  4. Get update on Park budget, where we are now?

  5. Invite at least one board member to attend Town Council Finance Committee meeting scheduled for2/19 @ 2pm.

  6. Schedule active member of Board to make introductions to new council members and give general over view of Board’s direction to Council at 2/19 evening meeting.

  7. Motion was made and affirmed by unanimous vote, Motion is as follows:

“The Park Advisory Board recommends that the Town Council except mitigation money offered by the developer of the Finn Addition and that the money be put into existing park infrastructure instead of taking on the obligation of additional property.”

  1. Discussion concerning planning for another Tree Planting event at the Big Town Park to coincide with Arbor Day on April 26th. Need to examine amount of money left in planting fund from last year’s project. Do layout and pick size and species of trees.

  2. Next Park Advisory Board meeting scheduled for April 8th, 2019.





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