Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 6:00 p.m.

Philipsburg Town Hall, Philipsburg


In attendance:  Daniel Reddish, Nicole Nelch, Jana McGill, Elena Gagliano, Gail Leeper, Christina Barbachano, Chuck Hinkle, Bill Slaughter, Scott Adler, Scott Lyons, Robert Medof, Derek Kuhl, Reed Speegle, DuWayne Ulrich, Cary McLure, Ray Powell, and Earl Clute.


Call to Order                                             

Mayor Daniel Reddish called the meeting to order.



The various representative from the Town of Philipsburg, Town of Drummond, and Granite Country introduced themselves. 


Mayor Gail Leeper asked to add the Limestone Quarry as an amendment to the Town of Drummond portion of the agenda.  The various representatives were amenable.                                      

Economic Development

Mayor Gail Leeper suggested getting a county-wide economic development group together.  In the past this had existed and she noted that Dennis Cox was involved.  Commissioner Bill Slaughter talked about the economic situation as it pertained to ranching and agriculture within the County.  He also mentioned that Granite County was coordinating with Powell County on the maintenance of Dunkleberg Road. 


Granite County Update                            

Flint Creek Dam Improvements

Commissioner Bill Slaughter gave some background on construction, maintenance, and ownership of the Flint Creek Dam.  He talked of an upcoming inspection of the dam as well as construction on the spillway that will be of significant cost.  Commissioner Chuck Hinkle said that FERC had changed it standards on energy production that will affect how they manage the facility.  Commissioner Slaughter stated that the County currently takes 10% of the profits which amounted to approximately $8,600 the previous month.  He said that the County was currently responsible for all of the costs.  Councilman Scott Lyons was of the opinion that the power company that currently takes the rest of the profits should contribute towards the expense.  Mayor Leeper suggested renegotiating the deal if possible. 

Snow Cleanup In Front Of Courthouse

Commissioner Slaughter asked if the Town could help with issues related snow and ice accumulation on the north side of the courthouse.  Mayor Reddish said he would follow up with his Public Works Director. 

Robert’s Rules of Order to be Followed to Run a Tight Meeting

Mayor Reddish said that the meetings currently weren’t being run according to Robert’s Rules.  Mayor Leeper wanted the group to make a decision as to how to run meeting going forward.  Mayor Reddish made the motion to have the minutes of the previous meeting approved at each meeting, Mayor Leeper seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.  Mayor Leeper then brought up how public comment should fit within the meetings and said that members of the public who wanted to address specific issues should get on the agenda ahead of the meeting.  Christina Barbachano said at School Board meetings that public comment at the end of the meeting should not be related to any topic already on the agenda.  There was a brief discussion of how the public should address topics on the agenda.  Mayor Leeper made the motion that public comment will be allowed for topics on the agenda after a motion has been made and seconded and at the end of meetings for topics not on the agenda, this was seconded by Commissioner Slaughter.  Elena Gagliano did not agree that this is how public comment should be handled.  The motion passed unanimously.


Commissioner Slaughter talked briefly of disposal of dead livestock.  The site has been revamped and will continue with the current system for at least the rest of the year.


Town of Drummond Update                    

Junk Vehicles

Mayor Leeper stated that Drummond has an issue with junk vehicles.  Commissioner Scott Adler said that Speed Kingrey is someone to follow up with for removing vehicles on private property.  Commissioner Slaughter commented that the Sherriff has to initiate the process if the vehicle is on public property.  Jana McGill clarified the statutes related to removal.  There was then a brief discussion of the difference between abandoned versus junk vehicles. 

Limestone Quarry

Mayor Leeper informed the panel that the state application was complete for the project and was moving to the environmental assessment review stage. There would then an air quality application.  Mayor Leeper estimated that the project would be going by 2022 if it all went to plan.

Town of Philipsburg Update 

Shared Responsibility between the County and Town for Installation of Ambulance Mayor Reddish said that the Town of Philipsburg has a new Director of Public Works and talked briefly of the upcoming infrastructure projects the Town was looking complete.   

Building Sewer and Water Hookup

Mayor Reddish gave an update on the ambulance building that was built on Town property.  The building would need to be hooked up to Town water and sewer services.  The question was posed as to how this would done.  Robert Medof suggested a shared resource agreement should be looked at in the near future to address this.

Discussion of Administrative Oversite of Cemetery and Town’s Historical Role

Mayor Reddish asked the panel about administrative oversight of cemetery.  He asked who the key personnel are, if the County was levying taxes to pay for the cemetery, whether or not it was within Town of Philipsburg limits, and what the Town of Philipsburg’s responsibility should be.  The discussion continued but there was not much clarity provided to these questions.  Councilwoman McLure talked about a personal experience she had had with the Philipsburg Cemetary.  Commissioner Slaughter said this topic should be put on the next agenda for the County Commission.  Mayor Leeper said that the Valley Cemetery could be a good resource.      

Feedback on Recent Amendment to Town’s Portion of County Growth Policy   

Mayor Reddish mentioned incorporate the Finn Addition in to the Growth Policy.  Commissioner Hinkle noted that a FMAC resource portion should be added as well.


Public Comment

Elena Gagliano looked for clarification on public comment.  She also inquired about public postings and agendas being advertised in the paper. 

Next Joint Meeting                                    

Mayor Leeper made the motion for the next meeting to be on June 12, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at Georgetown Lake, it was seconded by Councilman Lyons, and approved unanimously.  Mayor Reddish made the motion for the agenda to be prepared by Mike Kahoe and then posted in the paper, it was seconded by Councilman Lyons, and approved unanimously. 


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.                                        

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