June 18th, 2019

7:00 P.M. Philipsburg Town Hall


Council in Attendance:  Mayor Daniel Reddish, DuWayne Ulrich, Carl Sundstrom, Scott Lyons, Nicole Nelch, Derek Kuhl, and John Johnson. Others in attendance:  Town Clerk Reed Speegle, Director of Public Works Sam Dennis, Town Attorney Robert Medof, Shirley Beck, Ron Beck, Steve Immenschuh, Craig Larson, Michelle Larson, Ed Lord, Jacquie Venard, Mike Young, Diana Young, Pat Hughes, Cathy Smith, Heidi Heser, Tobin Heser, Rob Jarvis, John Skousen, Sarah Grange, and Ryan Bertuzzi.


Kerry Hatcher – Water Claim

Mayor Reddish gave some background on the situation and said that Mr. Hatcher was in talks with Dennis Panish concerning the claim.  He stated that Mr. Panish was likely to pay Mr. Hatcher for the rights.  He said a draft of an agreement would be circulated in the near term.


Minutes of Prior Meetings

Councilman Lyons made reference to a comment at the previous meeting from Councilwoman Nelch stating that she did not view Law Enforcement as a revenue generating function of government.  Councilman Ulrich made the motion to approve the minutes from 6/4/19 with that addition, Councilman Lyons seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

Bills Payable

The Council had a few questions for clarification about specific bills.  Councilman Ulrich made the motion to approve the bills payable, Councilman Sundstrom seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.



Event Application/Park Fees

Mayor Reddish talked about the ongoing process of updating an event application and park fees.  Ed Lord gave his thoughts on the fee structure proposed by the Parks Advisory Board.  He had particular issue with the fee being assessed for the use of Winninghoff Park.  Mayor Reddish reiterated that the proposal concerned all Town parks.  He read a letter submitted by the Parks Advisory Board.  Councilman Sundstrom stated that he did not believe that charging a fee would discourage use and that while he was not in favor of making money he was also not in favor of losing money on the Parks.  Councilman Lyons made the point that the cost could and should be passed along to event attendees in order to capture money from out-of-towners.  Tobin Heser said the focus should be on bringing people in to Town.  Councilman Ulrich talked about some specific related to the BBQ Cookoff.  Councilwoman Nelch and Councilman Lyons said they agreed with the proposal from the Parks Advisory Board.  Councilman Johnson commented that the parks require extra work from Town employees.  Mayor Reddish said the proposal needed more refinement.  Councilman Kuhl went through a slideshow he prepared explaining the process.  Cathy Smith said she often removes garbage outside the Brewery.  Diana Young stated that sometimes facilities are cleaner after event than before and that she thought the proposed fee for Winninghoff was too high.  Rob Jarvis said that locals enjoy the events as well as outsiders.  John Skousen didn’t see the need to change things from the current set up.  Shirley Beck said the money raised at these events were reinvested back in to the community.  Ryan Bertuzzi said he didn’t think the amount of revenue generated from the proposal was worth the effort of changing things.  Mayor Reddish read a letter from the Heidi Heser, Tobin Heser, and Rob Beck concerning the car show and their issue with a fee for blocking the street off.  Ron Beck made the comment that the bars should be involved in the cleanup process during Valley Days.  Mayor Reddish said that a lot of misinformation had been going around Town concerning the proposal.  Councilman Kuhl made the motion to table the discussion to special meeting to be scheduled later, Councilman Ulrich seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.  Sam Dennis said that there are costs to running the Parks.  Councilwoman Nelch reiterated that this process was started to provide some structure to Town administration of the Parks.       

Law Enforcement Contract
Robert Medof gave an update from the County Commissioners.  Their intention was to raise the base rate to $85,159 with a 2% annual increase.  The discussion continued about specifics of the contract.  Councilman Nelch requested a redline of the contract from County Attorney Blaine Bradshaw.  Councilman Sundstrom expressed his displeasure at the increase and thought the duration should be shortened.

Cemetery Update

Robert Medof told the Council about the meeting between him, Matt LaTray, Mayor Reddish, and Sam Dennis.  Mayor Reddish said it was a productive meeting and that operations were going to change.  A draft agreement would be distributed to the Council in the near future.  Diana Young was instructed to contact Matt LaTray or Nate Harmon with questions. 

SCADA Proposal

Phone/Internet Proposal

Councilman Kuhl gave a presentation concerning his Phone/Internet proposal and his SCADA proposal to create a point-to-point microwave mesh network.  He shared a map of the proposal and said the full proposal would need a 100 foot tower on Franklin Hill.  Councilman Kuhl was looking for a motion to proceed in contacting the BLM about this proposal.  Mayor Reddish asked if anyone on the Council opposed the idea and none did.  Councilman Kuhl said the first phase of the project would pay for itself within a year.  Councilman Lyons was in favor of the proposal.  Councilman Kuhl made the motion to proceed with contacting the BLM, Councilman Lyons seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.  Sam Dennis had some questions about costs of a potential towner as well as electricity to the proposed site.



Pioneer Technical Contract

Mayor Reddish discussed the background of this contract in relation to the Fred Burr Water Line.  The Council had a few logistical questions for Sam Dennis related to the proposed contract.  Councilman Sundstrom made the motion to approve the contract, Councilman Johnson seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

HDR Contract

Mayor Reddish gave the background on the proposed task order for continued maintenance on the Town’s SCADA system.  Councilwoman Nelch made the motion to approve the task order, Councilman Sundstrom seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.






The Parks/Omnibus Committee would schedule a meeting to continue the discussion of the park fees and application.

Public Comment on Matters within the Town Council’s Jurisdiction           

No comment.


Councilman Ulrich made the motion to adjourn at 8:48, Councilman Lyons seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

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