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June 21, 2022

7:00 P.M. Philipsburg Town Hall


Council in Attendance: Mayor Daniel Reddish, Scott Lyons, Gary Fujinami, Jason White, and John Laigaie. Others in attendance: Assistant Town Clerk Cyndia Reddish, Public Works Director Sam Dennis, Grant Writer Maureen Connor on remote, Elena Gagliano.


Minutes of Prior Meetings: Minutes were accepted, Scott Lyons made the motion, Jason White approved.

Bills Payable: June 2022 period, no changes. Motion made by Scott Lyons, seconded by Jason White.



Sewer Lagoon Update: Pioneer says moisture content is a little too high, this may affect the sludge being able to go to Black Pine. No standing water, it is the nature of sludge to have some moisture in it. There will be a conversation with Todd/Pioneer on Wednesday, and Town is reaching out to Missoula as a default. Scott Lyons asked how long the bags have been sitting, which will be two years in August.


Growth Plan Update: Meeting is scheduled for 10:00am Wednesday. Jason White is point man for Council, will start the process of historical district inventory. There were talks with Ben Larson, Mike Young, and Jim Lochridge regarding development of a template which will include street name, structure type, ie, house, building, lot, historic condition or altered or new. Consideration of what is useful information for the inventory. Larson mentioned materials collected from previous inventories, and so new photos will be included and categorized. The new inventory will be added to the recent growth plan update. Maureen Conner relayed that Dale Seigford and Shirley Beck have interest in this inventory and to access them as a resource.


Committee Meetings: Omnibus meeting at 11:00am Tuesday, June 28th. Subject will be sewer and water rates.


Encroachment Agreement Cost Methodology: Scott Lyons was assigned the task to develop a calculating system for encroachment onto town property, for the people who are losing their right of way. Mayor will meet with Town attorney. Lyons described the encroachment fee calculation. If someone builds on town property in any way there is a fee calculated: Footprint area of the encroachment divided by entire footprint area of the structure; this becomes a percentage, multiplied by the property tax, equals the fee to be paid on an annual basis. SEE ATTACHED calculation description.


This is a property license definition, this is not an easement or a tax, this is a license to be situated on town property, this is a license to encroach. Town will be starting with the most obvious encroachments. Clerk would keep a spreadsheet, inputs encroachment numbers, gets fee amount to be paid to town hall. This applies retroactively.


Mayor Reddish asked for a motion, motion was made by Gary Fujinami, John Laigaie seconded, approved unanimously.



HDR Task Order Sewer Project SCADA: Town wants the new sewer project to have controls to keep it separate from water projects. Task order #9. Motion made by Scott Lyons, seconded by Gary Fujinami, unanimously accepted.


Resolution to Accept Environmental Requirements for MCEP Application: Involves the component of environmental checklist, put together by Shanna from HDR, we won’t be changing the footprint on what we are doing, impact will be miniscule. No adverse affect, not changing the physical footprint. Maureen Connor said June 7th meeting discussion said impact would be minimal, it was voted on at that meeting, didn’t realize they needed a separate resolution. Resolution needed to be added to the paperwork. Mayor Reddish read the 2022-11 resolution. Motion to accept the resolution was made by Scott Lyons, seconded by John Laigaie, motion carried.


Big Sky Passenger Rail Annual Donation Request: Mayor Reddish wrote a letter of support for rail authority. Elena Gagliano represented the Rail Authority which is asking for donations from counties and towns and relayed that Dave Strohmeyer, Chair, is outlining prospects for 18 counties. Elena asked Philipsburg for an annual donation of $100.05. The next monthly update meeting is July 14th, is done by remote teams, all are welcome to attend. There will be a summit in August, invitations will go out to all entities. The summit will be located in Billings, with several speakers. As of this date 18 counties are on board. Anaconda/Deer Lodge and Drummond were mentioned specifically to get a train moving. Montana Rail Link, Dennis Washington has sold their interest, Elena will get more updated information. Granite county has given their approval for $1,404 current donation. As a passenger/commuter train, stops depend on how much support is given by towns. Jason White doesn’t see Philipsburg supporting it financially at this time because he believes it would only run twice daily. Motion made by John Laigaie to approve $100.05 annual donation, Gary Fujinami seconded. Motion passed by 3 yay, 1 nay by Jason White.




Council: Scott Lyons complimented John Laigaie on his triangle park project efforts.


Public Comment on Matters within the Town Council’s Jurisdiction: None.  



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