Park Advisory Board Meeting

June 25, 2018 6:30 pm


Present: Board members- Tobin Hesser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Ed Lord, Brett Hackman, Annalee Mason. Councilman Dan Reddish; Public: Craig and Donna, Mark (from QSPN)

  1. Approved March 26, 2018 minutes

  2. Old business

    1. Winninghoff

      1. Drain construction- South side drain construction will begin mid July

      2. Stage- permanent structure, not temporary. Construction has started.

    2. Big Park

      1. Phase 1 trail update- Construction to start Monday after July 4th. Material is stockpiled near baseball field. Benches and kiosks will be constructed soon.

      2. Trees- Need to have separate tree meeting (set for July 30th). Ed Brunsvold provided a slightly revised tree planting schematic that incorporated staying out of mountains line of sight for homes adjacent to park. Need to finalize planting plans (locations, species etc) by early August. Planting day in TBD date in September, incorporate school and public. Budget: $3000 NW Energy, $1500 Rotary. Continue to think about other tree fundraisers (ie families and businesses).

    3. Grants- Dan said they’ve cancelled the previous town contract with the grant writer and are looking for a replacement. He said if the parks board has a proposal for a planning grant he’d entertain providing town funding for grant writer time.

    4. Mission statement- moved to approve Jim’s mission and vision statement. Dan Reddish’s text should be incorporated into bylaws (see below).

  3. New business

    1. Baseball field at Big Park- discussion about making a larger field and changing the orientation to proper direction. Need to measure out possible configuration and paint lines, then take a picture with a drone- Tobin, Jim and other parks board members volunteered to do this prior to the July 30th meeting, to be discussed then.

    2. Fee structure for parks- Annalee looked into this- currently as follows: Winninghoff warming hut $35, hut and field $125. Old fire hall $125. Big Park no fee except $10 for electricity. Shakeys and Bear park- no fee. No web site reservation, Reed does the reservations.  

    3. Shakey’s Park- Douglass Cr water quality (and/or sediment quality) through Shakey’s Park. Dan will ask John Vukonich what information he has on creek water quality (specifically high metals level, as listed in DEQ reports).

  4. Public comment- Citizen suggested that BBQ grills could be removed because they are just being used as ashtrays. 

  5. Next meeting:  July 30th tree meeting at Big Park, time TBD, specifically for planning: tree planting and baseball field measurements/orientation/location.

  6. Adjourn  7:30 pm


Drafting Parks Board Mission Statement

June 23, 2018


Jim Jenner draft text March 2018- [this text approved as official Mission and Vision Statement at June 25, 2018 Parks Board meeting]

Mission Statement

To plan, develop, and provide stewardship for the Town of Philipsburg’s parks and open spaces while preserving natural areas and maximizing public enjoyment.

Vision Statement

The Philipsburg Parks Committee will continuously work to improve the quality of parks and recreation for all the residents, visitors and business citizens of Philipsburg.   Our committee will work to take a proactive approach and maintain a strong bond with the town government and residents.


Philipsburg Councilman Dan Reddish draft text April 13, 2017- [this text will be incorporated into bylaws, to be developed]

A part of the obligation of the Town of Philipsburg's government is to provide a safe and clean environment to its citizens. Parks and green space play an important role in this responsibility. Therefore, a Park Board has been commissioned to allow citizens to act in an advisory capacity to effect planning, usage, and budgeting priorities for public parks and venues existing under the Town's jurisdiction.

These properties include, but are not limited to, the following locations:  Big Park, Shakey's Park, Winninghoff Park, Bear Park, Town Hall Park, and the old fire hall garage.

This Advisory Board will act in good faith by forming committees to study issues and provide oversight and recommendations concerning management priorities for each of the various properties listed. Under the proper course of business this Board will meet no less than one time per month through the duration of its commission.

All reports, recommendations, and assessments will be added as items for discussion and consideration for action in the form of standing reports to be added to the Philipsburg Town Council's regular meeting agenda, and thus will added into the official record.

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