Park Advisory Board Meeting

June 3, 2019 5:30 pm


Present: Board members- Tobin Hesser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Ed Lord, Megan Flanary. Public: Barbara Cahill

  1. Approved April 11, 2019 minutes

  2. Big Park update

    1. Mapping

    2. Maintenance priorities. Tree watering- need to increase frequency. Possibility of Fire Dept. assisting with watering. Need to discuss additional maintenance priorities with Jim Lardie (parks maintenance staff).

    3. Ranch at Rock Creek service project- The new Philanthropy Club wants to do a service project prior to their June 13 kickball game. Need to put them in touch with Mayor and Jim Lardie.

    4. Gophers- Jim is actively controlling gophers

  3. Winninghoff Park update

    1. Refrigeration- worked well for the season. Equipment is put away, it was a large effort. They re-seeded grass.

    2. Looking to construct a retaining wall along the road, may need to lower road 1-2 feet. Need to visit with Town and PIA.

    3. Need to construct drainage features and add landscaping. Discussion of construction timing.

    4. Stage building- discussion of snow coming off roof during events onto people and ice, possible safety issues. May add snow dam to direct snow.

  4. Community cleanup update- May 16th 4-6 pm trash clean up was successful. It was very cold and rainy, approximately 30 participants including Little League team.

  5. Parks fee proposed revisions- Discussed new draft fee structure proposed by Town Council. Parks board will put together recommendations and forward to Town. Board agreed that there should be a graduated fee schedule for different types of groups (non-profit/educational, versus commercial), and a flat non-refundable cleaning deposit.

  6. Public comment- No public comment

  7. Next meeting:  None scheduled

  8. Adjourn  6:45 pm

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