Philipsburg Park Advisory Board

March 26, 2018 6:30 pm

Town Hall


  1. Discus approval of previous meeting minutes

  2. Winninghoff

    1. Update on Philipsburg Ice Assoc. March 20th presentation to Town on Tourism Grant and future operation of ice rink

    2. Update on stage

  3. Big Park

    1. Update on construction window for park trail Phase 1 by Flint Cr Trails Assoc.

    2. Discuss developing a map of existing space for planning purposes

    3. Grants

    4. Tree fundraiser

  4. All parks

    1. Discuss fee structure and booking procedure for use of town facilities

    2. Discuss possible parks clean up/work day

  5. Set next meeting date


The Philipsburg Parks Advisory Board is a citizen volunteer public board created by the Town of Philipsburg. The Town created the board in 2017 to allow citizens to act in an advisory capacity to effect planning, usage, and budgeting priorities for public parks and venues existing under the Town's jurisdiction. These properties include: Big Park, Shakey's Park, Winninghoff Park, Bear Park, Town Hall Park, and the old fire hall garage. Meetings are held quarterly, public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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