Park Advisory Board Meeting

March 26, 2018 6:30 pm


Present: Board members- Tobin Hesser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Ed Lord, Megan Flanary, Brett Hackman, Annalee Mason. Public: Ed Brunsvold, Flint Creek Trails Assoc.; Steve Immenschuh

  1. Approved January 22, 2018 minutes

  2. Winninghoff

    1. PIA MT Dept. of Commerce Grant update- Tobin. Received MT Tourism Grant for refrigeration. Working with an engineer to get designs on refrigeration, French drain.

    2. Stage update- postpone permanent stage until PIA has their engineering plans. Ed Lord said Rotary is OK with placing a temporary stage of similar dimensions to the proposed permanent stage. Next winter they will look at whether there are still reflection issues on the ice.

  3. Big Park

    1. Phase 1 trail update- Ed Brunsvold. Contracting with Landtech of Bozeman; Barkell will do hauling. Will hopefully start in May, should be 1-2 weeks construction. Benches, dog waste stations, are in fire hall. Lumber for kiosks is ordered. Ed will get back to us regarding a work day to put up kiosks. Phase 2 grant will know about in May.

    2. Trees- Paul Babb at NW Energy state nursery will be meeting with the Town 3/27, Levia and Jim will attend meeting to discuss Big Park trees. They have $1,500 for potential grant.

  4. Fee structure for parks- Annalee will check with Reed on fee structure for all parks and structures and get back to the board. PIA does have a fee structure for the winter 4 months.

  5. Grants- keeping it on our radar, planning grants or other. Dan Reddish will be meeting with the Town grantwriter and will check on her availability to help with looking for parks grants.

  6. Mission statement- Jim drafted up a mission statement, he will email to the board for comment.

  7. Public comment

    1. Steve Immenschuh - Suggested looking into a tree spade to harvest more mature tree from private land near town to transplant to Big Park.

  8. Next meeting:  Tentatively set April 23 5:30 pm for walk through of Big Park to look at tree planting locations.

  9. Adjourn  7:30 pm

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