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Philipsburg, Drummond, and Granite County Joint Session Agenda

May 30th, 2024

Philipsburg Townhall at 6:30 pm.

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Introduction of Sitting Members:

Public Comment Agenda and Non-Agenda Items

Public Comment on Matters within the Town Council’s and Commission’s Jurisdiction. Public Comment will be limited to 3 minutes.


Minutes from Previous Joint Session 10/5/2023


General Update Town of Philipsburg


  • Infrastructure

  • Library


General Update Town of Drummond


  • Solid Waste

  • Headwaters RCD


General Update Granite County Commission


  • Solid Waste

  • Elevator and ADA Project

  • Annual Road Maintenance with Forest Service

  • EMS Services (Coast to Coast)


Schedule Next Joint Session




*** In addition to the regular attendance at Town Hall, the Town will be using the video                 conferencing service


Meeting ID: 6165576972

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