Park Advisory Board Meeting

November 27, 2017 6:30 pm

Present: Board members- Annalee Mason, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Brett Hackman, Ed Lord

  1. Oct. 23 meeting minutes were not approved (town hall was locked, printouts were in town hall). Need to approve Oct. 23 minutes at next meeting.

  2. Winninghof Park update- Stage- Rotary did not present anything to the City yet, as they were continuing internal discussions regarding what to proposed to the City (to either re-route or abandon Stockman St. to accommodate the stage). The Rotary committee decided it would be best to propose re-routing Stockman St. around the new stage, rather than abandon the street. The current plan is to do a test design- place pieces of plywood on the base of the current stage to make sure it doesn’t melt the ice. Ed Lord and Jim Jenner will still go to the City in the next couple of months. They will present a design, including aerial photos showing the stage and the street during events, to show there is enough space to re-route, rather than abandon the street. Summit Beverage has indicated to Rotary that they would like to assist financially with the stage.

  3. Discussed Jim Adie- is there a way to honor him at one of the parks? Need to discuss more, and perhaps open it up to the community.

  4. Sledding hill at Winninghof

    1. Is there a way to make the sledding hill west of the ice rink safer? The sledding hill is often dangerous because 1) kids sled into the street, 2) and/or hit the icy plow berm at the bottom of the hill, and 3) the rail slide mid-slope is a dangerous obstacle (can this be removed?).

    2. Also discussed the idea of pursuing a more formal sledding hill at the Big Park (make a dirt hill and vegetate it). This would need to be part of the Master Plan (in discussion). Kids don’t need much of a hill to sled, and it’s a cost-free winter outdoor activity.

  5. Master Planning- Committee is very interested in working with the City to pursue funding for development and implementation of a Master Parks Plan. Plan would include 1) Inventory of the parks (history, features, conditions); 2) Public scoping/community input on parks (online and paper surveys, public meeting); 3) Planning- develop a plan for each park (i.e., Shakey’s park may be as simple as “remain as-is”, while the Big Park could include long-term planning and designs for the use of the park space, replacement of or addition of features, etc.).

Committee assigned the following action items with regards to planning and funding research:

  1. Entire board will review the Master Plan examples that Annalee emailed this fall. These are excellent examples that could be scaled down to Philipsburg’s smaller size.

  2. Jim will start on a basic inventory of parks, will work with John V.

  3. Levia will look into local planning resources to assist at no or low cost (ie contact MSU Extension)

  4. Brett and Annalee will look into a couple of realistic grants for Parks. The Board will make recommendations for the City grantwriter, hopefully once she is a bit more freed up in the spring.

  1. DNRC Lease at Big Park: Renewed discussion of the need to confirm the contract and terms for future long term leases of the Park. Discussion was sparked by the uncompensated use of the Park by the USFS and DNRC as part of the 2017 fire camp. The Committee is concerned by the lack of clarity regarding what the City can or cannot charge for use of the Park by outside entities, based on the existing DNRC Lease agreement. The committee formally advises that the town attorney look at the DNRC Lease with the City to determine 1) what can the City charge for Park use by outside entities? and 2) how does the City recover their investment in the Park improvements?

  2. Meeting schedule: no meeting in December because 4th Mon is on Christmas day. Discussed potentially meeting every other month. Decided to set the meeting schedule at the January meeting.

  3. Next meeting: Monday January 27, 6:30 pm (every 4th Mon). Adjourn 7:35 pm

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