Park Advisory Board Meeting

October 22, 2018 6:00 pm


Present: Board members- Tobin Hesser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner. Mayor Dan Reddish; Ed Brunsvold

  1. Approved June 25, 2018 minutes

  2. Old business

    1. Winninghoff Park– Stage is completed. Ice- nearing completion of grading to place mats and have ice this winter. All materials are on site but the PIA is waiting for Northwestern Energy to put in the electricity for refrigeration.

    2. South Town Park aka Big Park-

      1. Trees and Trails Event Recap- Sept. 27th, went very well. Lots of participants; thanks to all volunteers. Some funds remaining for next tree planting event planned for Arbor Day spring 2019. Dan will look into what it takes to be a Tree City USA.

      2. RTP Phase 1 trail update- Ed B. Things Ed is finishing this fall: place the four benches; finish the kiosks; place the distance markers.

      3. Planning discussion: new baseball field; soccer field in the middle of the track; and new/improved play spaces e.g. playground equipment and sledding hill.

      4. The following motion was put forth and approved: “The Philipsburg Parks Board will move forward with planning and funding (with non-tax payer dollars) infrastructure for baseball, soccer, and youth play options at the South Town Park. These efforts would also be conducted under the theme of naming the park for former mayor Zane Murfitt in honor of his work to create the original park in 1971.”

      5. Baseball: Tobin and Jim continue working with community members on the design of a Little League sized baseball field proposed for the northwest corner of the park.

      6. Play equipment- Levia is working with other Philipsburg parents to find funding for new playground equipment, and inventory the condition of existing equipment.

  3. New business

    1. Recreational Trails Program Phase 2 discussion- Ed developed a plan for construction of phase 2 of the RTP trail at the Big Park (1 mi trail on DNRC land west of park). RTP grant is due Jan 31, 2019 to MT Fish Wildlife and Parks. Board agreed that the RTP phase 2 grant should be submitted. Additional discussion of other potential trails/paths in or near town.

  4. Public comment- No public comment

  5. Next meeting:  January 28, 2019

  6. Adjourn  7:35 pm

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