Park Advisory Board Meeting

October 23, 2017 6:30 pm

Present: Board members- Tobin Heser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Brett Hackman, Megan Flanary, Ed Lord; Public- Dave Pugh; John Vukonich

  1. Approved Sept 25th minutes

  2. Agenda items- move discussion of mission statement to next meeting. Need to get electronic copy of Parks Board mission statement for board review. Move discussion of grants and Master Plan to next meeting.

  3. Discussed DNRC-City Lease and USFS Fire camp in the Big Park summer 2017. Jim discussed the issue of payment with the Helena DNRC right of way specialist. He also left a message with senators and is waiting to hear back. The unknown is how much of the City park the camp actually occupied. The main question is what could the City charge for rent in the future? For now, parks board will keep the topic on the back burner.

  4. Winninghof Park update- Jim (representing Rotary) and Tobin (representing Philipsburg Ice Assoc.) presented the existing ideas to improve the park.

    1. Renderings/plans were drawn up by Jody Beck (architect relative of Tobin’s). The renderings include a new stage, splash park. The desire is to incorporate winter and summer uses.

    2. Components of the plan:

      1. Stage- new permanent stage would require re-routing Stockton St. slightly, but still staying within City right of way.

      2. Ice system- with freon

      3. Splash park area

    3. For now, Rotary is looking for Parks Board blessing to present a plan to the City for building the stage. The other items will be discussed at another time.

    4. Parks board agreed that Rotary should present the plan for the stage to the City at the next council meeting. Jim will provide an update for the Nov. parks meeting.

  5. Ed Lord added a comment that he would like to see Shakey’s Park left as is with no improvements in the near-term. Another member asked whether maybe the City should at a minimum add a fence along the road to keep kids out of the road. No substantive further discussion.

  6. Levia updated board on conversation with Brett Hamilton and Dan Reddish. They said they would like the board to look into and apply for grants for short or long term. Levia will look at the Northwestern Energy community grant for trees for parks. The City would also like the parks board to provide an update to the City for their monthly meeting (first Tues. of each month). Minutes will be provided to the City for this update.

  7. Next meeting: Monday November 27, 6:30 pm (every 4th Mon). Adjourn 7:50 pm

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