Park Advisory Board Meeting

September 25, 2017 6:30 pm


Present: Board members- Tobin Heser, Levia Shoutis, Jim Jenner, Brett Hackman, Anna Lee Mason; Public- Ed Brunsvold, Steve Immenschuh, John Vukonich

  1. Reviewed new City budget. Parks budget is $42,000, all of which is allotted to the new RTP grant trail in the Big Park. Board will lobby for additional parks budget for the next year’s budget cycle. Board will work on outside funding opportunities (grants, fundraisers, fees).

  2. Discussed fire camp in the Big Park. The City leases the park from DNRC (a 99-year lease). Board will review the DNRC lease contract to see if it allows charging a daily rental fee, and potentially discuss with the City options for back-charging a rental fee for use of the park as fire camp. Action item: Levia obtain copy of DNRC lease for board review.

  3. Ed Brunsvold gave an update on the status of the route of the proposed trail at the Big Park (Phase 1, ~0.5 mile along the park perimeter). The route will be concurrent with the track in the southern portion, and for now will not include a new trail section over the hill near the community gardens. This section could be added at a later date. The RTP grant has two years to be spent. [Update- on 10/1/17 Flint Creek Trails Association marked the tentative trail route through the park with pink flags so that Walktober participants could walk the trail, and for residents to see the proposed route].

  4. Reviewed the parks priorities list. Crossed off finished projects, added comments to each item (i.e. “volunteer project”, or listed possible funding opportunities). Board agreed that a Parks Master Plan would eventually need to be developed to be strategic about park planning and funding.

  5. Discussed parks board organizational approach. Board needs to confirm whether they are legally required to formalize as a city board (i.e. create bylaws, post meeting notices, post agendas and minutes). Jim Jenner created a working organizational chart. No one was able to volunteer to act as chair. Board members volunteered for the following roles (to be further defined):

    1. Secretary- Levia

    2. Projects- Tobin

    3. Government liaison- open

    4. Fundraising

      1. Grants- Brett

      2. Donations/Events- Jim

    5. Planning- Levia

    6. Programs- Anna Lee

  6. Next meeting: Monday October 23rd 6:30 pm (every 4th Mon).

  7. Adjourn 7:50 pm

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