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Planning Board.............................................................. 1

Board Of Library Trustees........................................... 2

Disaster And Emergency Services (DES)................. 3
























Town of Philipsburg




2-1-1                                                                                                                  2-1-1










2-1-1:               Board Established




2-1-1:               BOARD ESTABLISHED: Unless otherwise amended by resolution of the town council, the town explicitly intends to be

represented on the existing Granite County planning board. As Granite County has consented, the town shall have one representative on the  Granite County planning board. The town shall abide by all provisions of Montana Code Annotated section 76-1-111, and the bylaws of the Granite County planning board, as amended. (Ord., 10-2-2007)




























Town of Philipsburg






2-2-1                                                                                                                  2-2-1














Appointment; Compensation; Terms Duties Of Board








  • Upon the establishment of a public libraryunderthe provisionsof this code, the mayor, with the advice and consent ofthetown council, shall appoint a board of trustees for the townlibrary.


  • The library board shall consist of five (5) trustees. Not more than one member of the town council shall be, at any one time, a member of suchboard.


  • Trustees shall serve without compensation, but their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of theirofficial duties may be paid from libraryfunds.


  • Trustees shall hold their office for five (5) years from the date of appointment and until their successors are appointed.Initially,

appointments shall be made for one year, two  (2) year,  three (3) year, four (4) year, and five (5) year terms. Annually thereafter, there shall be appointed before July 1 of each year in the same manner as the original appointments for a five (5) year term,  a trustee  to take the place of the retiring trustee. Trustees shall serve no more  than two {2) full terms in succession.


  • Following such appointments, in July of each year, the trustees shall meet and elect a chairman and such other officers as they deem necessary, for one year terms. Vacancies in the board of trustees shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments. (Ord.,10-2-2007)







Town of Philipsburg


2-2-2                                                                                                                   2-2-2



2-2-2:               DUTIES OF BOARD: The library board of trustees shall have exclusive control of the expenditure of the public library fund,

of construction or lease of library buildings, and of the operation and care of the library. The library board of trustees of every public library shall:


  • Adopt bylaws and rules for its own transaction of businessand forthe government of the library, not inconsistent withlaw.


  • Establish and locate a central public library and may establish branches thereof at such places as are deemednecessary.


  • Have the power to contract, including the right to contractwith regions, counties, cities, school districts, educational institutions, the state library, and other libraries, to give and receive library service, through the boards of such regions, counties, cities, and the district school boards, and to pay out or receive funds to pay costs of such contracts.


  • Have the power to acquire, by purchase, devise, lease or otherwise, and to own and hold real and personal property in the name of the town for the use and purposes of the library and to sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of property real or personal, when no longer requiredby the libraryand to insure the real and personalpropertyof thelibrary.


  • Pay necessary expenses of members of the library staff when on business of thelibrary.


  • Prepare an annual budget, indicating what support and maintenance of the public library will be required from public funds, for submission to the town council. A separate budget request shall be submitted for new construction or for capital improvement of existing library property.


  • Make an annual report to the town council on the condition and operation of the library, including a financial statement. The trustees shall also provide for the keeping of such records as shallbe required by the Montana state library in its request foran annual report from the public libraries and shall submitsuchanannual report to the statelibrary.


  • Have the power to accept gifts, grants, donations, devises, or bequests or property, real or personal, from whatever source and to expand or hold, work, and improve the same for the specific purpose of the gift, grant, donation, devise, or bequest. These gifts,grants,





Town of Philipsburg


2-2-2                                                                                                                   2-2-2


donations, devises, and bequests shall be kept separate from regular library funds and are not subject to reversion at the end of the fiscal year.


  • Exercise such other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for the effective use and management of the library.(Ord., 10-2-2007)










































Town of Philipsburg






2·3·1                                                                                                                  2-3-2














Adoption Of DES Plans Organization Under DES Plans






  1. ADOPTION OF DES PLANS: The county of Granite has formally adopted a predisaster mitigation plan and a disaster

plan. These two (2) distinct  DES plans may be amended from time to time  by the county of Granite. In terms of health and safety, it is acknowledged that the county's predisaster mitigation  plan and disaster  plan are in the  best interests of the residents of the town. The county's  predisaster mitigation plan and disaster plan, or these two (2) DES plans, as amended from time to time, are hereby approved and adopted in their entirety. (Ord., 1·2·2008)



2-3-2  :              ORGANIZATION UNDER DES PLANS:


  • Compliance; DES Coordinator: The town and mayorshallcomply with all of the terms and provisions in the county of Granite's predisastermitigationplan and disasterplan. The town acknowledges and agrees that the county of Granitewillappoint, from time to time, a disaster and emergency services (DES) coordinator whose duty is to effectively coordinate all local DES issues.


  • Town And Mayor: The town and mayor shall work in good faith in concert with all other governmental officials, taking all reasonably necessary actions to implement all adopted DES plans, andto prevent and minimize the loss of life and property.Inconcertwith the DES coordinator and all other government officials, the mayor shall carry out all day to day duties contemplated,whetherexpress or implied, by the adopted DES plans in effect at the time. (Ord., 1-2-2008)






Town of Philipsburg

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