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Special Town Council Meeting

Aug. 1st, 2023 at 6pm Town Hall

Council in attendance: Mayor Daniel Reddish, Gary Fujinami, Carl Sundstrom, Jason White, Scott Lyons, Lorraine Dell-Bishop, and John Laigaie. Others in attendance: Town Clerk Rachel Parret, Grant Writer Maureen Connor, Public Works Foreman Ed Roseboom, and Tyler Gentry. Great West in attendance:  Amy Deitchler and Engineer Austin Egan.

Amy Deitchler informed that The Council that two official bids were submitted.  She had expected double that amount.  Amy called 4 contractors to ask why they hadn’t submitted a bid. Helena Sand and Gravel had said that the project wasn’t a good fit for their company.  Jackson Contractors didn’t have the manpower to submit a bid.  Montana Civil Contractors won another bid during our bid process.  J.R. Civil had a high bid and knew they wouldn’t win the bid, so they didn’t submit one.

In 2019, Great West had a project like The Towns Lagoon Project and the bid went for $3.2 million. 

Contractors are seeing a 2% increase every month from their suppliers. And can not get shipping cost due to prices going up for the trucking companies.

The Town has 60 days to award the contract and Prospect Construction said that they would be willing to extend that date if needed.  If changes are made to the design, it must be minimal.

Amy is going to meet with Prospect Construction and see if there are so ways to lower the cost of the bid by checking out different suppliers.

Great West will request qualifications from Prospect Contractors.

Grant Writer Maureen Connor suggested that The Town get a State Revolving Loan.

Mayor Reddish made a motion to adjourn at 6:30pm, Councilman Lyons seconded, and motion passed.

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