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Philipsburg Town Council and Chamber Meeting

January 16th, 2024, at 8:00 am

Resort Tax

Council in attendance: Scott Lyons, Gary Fujinami, Lorraine Dell-Bishop, John Laigaie, and Mayor Daniel Reddish. Council absent: Jason White and Carl Sundstrom. Others in attendance: Clerk Rachel Parret, Special Projects Maureen Connor, Jack Foster, Heide Heser, Tamara Walden, Cathy Smith, Shirley Beck, Dale Siegford, Matt Farrel, Anne Fillmore, Lisa Stavrakas, Michelle Larson, Ashley Long, Tom Rue, and Terry Menzer.

Resort Tax:

Mayor Daniel Reddish welcomed and thanked the Chamber for attending the meeting. The Mayor explained to the Chamber that the Resort Tax will be used for infrastructure.  Mayor Reddish spoke about the DEQ pulling the Towns waver for the water.  The water, wastewater, and stormwater all need to be worked on and the Town doesn’t have the money to fix everything.


Special Projects Maureen Connor presented the Chamber with a power point on the Resort Tax and the Town’s infrastructure. The Resort Tax is a 3% tax plus 1% infrastructure tax.  The Resort Tax allows for a minimum of 5% to go toward property tax relief.


Public Comment:

Dale Siegford asked if the Town had considered bringing Camp Creek to the surface and out of the storm drain. Maureen Connor replied that the cost of doing that is way too high, however, the DEQ would like Camp Creek to be brought to the surface.

Heidi Hess asked what the Town plans on doing if the Resort Tax doesn’t pass.  The Town would slowly plug away at the infrastructure in small chunks. 

Anne Fillmore asked what the Council is doing to educate the public about the Resort Tax.  Anne has heard Locals say that the tax would only apply to the tourist. 

Councilman Lyons said a majority of the taxes will from tourists, however, the tax is applied to everyone.  Councilman Lyons said that he would invite the Philipsburg Mail to the next council meeting.

Adjourned at 9:30 am

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