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December 20th, 2022 6:00pm

The Philipsburg Town Council will be holding a public hearing on December 20th, 2022 at 6:00pm at the Old Fire Hall, 104 S. Sansome, concerning water and sewer rate changes and policy.  

The proposal is as follows:

1.     The base rate for water service for residential accounts is $48.95 per month.

2.     The base rates for water service for non-residential accounts are as follows:

a.     The base rate for premises with a 0.75 inch service line is $48.95 per month;

b.     The base rate for premises with a 1.00 inch service line is $87.02 per month;

c.     The base rate for premises with a 1.50 inch service line is $194.63 per month;

d.     The base rate for premises with a 2.00 inch service line is $348.09 per month;

e.     The base rate for premises with a 3.00 inch service line is $783.20 per month;

f.     The base rate for premises with a 4.00 inch service line is $1,392.36 per month;

3.     The water usage rate is $1.75 per 1000 gallons metered.

4.     The base rate for sewer service is $55.00 per month. (No change)

5.     The sewer usage rate is $1.50 per 1000 gallons and shall be billed based on the average water usage for the preceding November, December, January, and February. (No change)

6.     Charges for water or sewer shall be charged against the landowner of the premises and shall constitute a lien against the premises for which said services apply.  The landowner is ultimately responsible for all water and sewer charges, even if the property is vacant or is occupied by a tenant. (No change)

7.     Water/sewer charges shall be billed monthly for the previous month’s usage. (No change)

8.     A $2.00 per month surcharge shall be billed on each water account for the purposes of purchasing new water meters as needed by the Town.

9.     Delinquent water bills shall include a $5.00 late fee each month from and after the delinquency until said bill is paid in full, or until an arrangement is made with and agreed to by the mayor and approved by the town council.

10.  The Town may exercise any legal remedy available to it to collect unpaid water/sewer bills, including but not limited to adding delinquent bills to property tax assessments (MCA 7-3-4306), placing a lien on the property (Philipsburg Ordinance 10-1-1), shutting off water service, legal action, or other legal remedy.  All costs incurred by the Town in pursuing collection of delinquent accounts, in addition to a reasonable collection fee, shall be the responsibility of the landowner of the premises.  A $75 fee is hereby authorized to be added to the water/sewer bill each time a notice is placed on the premises of a delinquent account. (No change)

11.  Regarding new construction, the Town cannot guarantee water pressure or capacity in any given sewer line.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain necessary engineering or professional services to ensure adequacy of those prior to construction. (No change)

12.  The mayor is hereby authorized by public notice to limit or prohibit sprinkling or water or yards and lawns at his or her discretion for the purposes of conserving water, whenever the need to do so arises.

13.  The Town Council will review the rates and policy on an annual basis.


The public is encouraged to attend the hearing.

Philipsburg Town Council

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